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Change your perspective

Preconceived notions are, often times, the most dangerous thoughts to carry with you; especially for Christians. Maladaptive assumptions are carried out as “cautious” opinions, and never without casting judgment, we carry our preconceived notions everywhere we go.  We are selective with whom or what, we give our attention too, and one wrong instance, can forever tarnish our view of that particular person or product. There is an old saying

“people will always live up to your expectations”;

have you thought why that is?  Subconsciously we identify ourselves with people or products that align with our world view; and consequently, these people/products invoke a particular emotion within us.  Like it or not, we buy from places that make us feel good (we rarely buy strictly for utilization), we hang out with people that make us feel important, and we attend events that make us feel better. The minute we start to feel anything but “good” we move on to something else. Emotional connectivity is the catalyst to preconceived notions.  So what? Since preconceived notions are derived from emotional connectivity, how can you effectively change or influence your situation if you’re unwilling to accept the fact that, people do change, products do get better, and situations can be circumstantial.

Here is my challenge to you: change your preconceived notions from cautious judgment to graceful expectations.  I am not suggesting to continually buy a bad product in hopes of it getting better, or perpetually entertaining an individual that brings you down; but rather, I am encouraging you to give valuable, graceful, and helpful feedback. Products, people or organizations might be one suggestion away from greatness-

Be intentional and be selfless.