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Anchors & Destiny

What is your destiny?  


The above questions cannot be read without invoking strong feelings.  Because the message is clear.  Destiny matters.  Destiny moves.  Destiny looks beyond a feeble attempt to balance last month’s budget or keep a new year’s resolution to stay away from Girl Scout cookies.  Destiny is what will be written on your tombstone rather than a pithy tweet obtained while drinking a caramel macchiato.    


Destiny is not a short-term moving target.  Destiny is the essence of what is in your heart.  It is the core of what makes you tick.  It is the junction of faith, passion and courage.  It is the reason you get up in the morning and go to sleep at night.   


How do you determine your destiny? 


The determination of destiny is not as precarious as it first appears.  Destiny develops out of the practice of anchoring. 


An anchor is like working capital for a startup.  It supplies the concrete funds to create forward long-term momentum.  It establishes intent and motive.  It provides perspective and clarity.    


An anchor acts as a counter weight to circumstances.  It stabilizes your focus regardless of outside environmental conditions.  Anchors enable success when circumstances call for survival.      

Take a moment and write down three to seven of your most important beliefs and the action needed to accomplish them.  You now have some anchor points. 


Next time you find yourself at a life-defining moment, examine your anchors.  Make a resolute decision. 

Now smile because your destiny just got a little closer. 

Mitchell KennedyComment