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The present.


Have you ever just stopped to pause and think about your life? Truly think about where you are, what you've come from, or where you're going. It's truly an amazing thing. 

I am just pondering tonight about how much our lives have transitioned throughout the years, and it's incredible. I am so thankful for every lesson learned, every moment of brokenness, every triumph. Each day really is a gift "that's why they call it the present" it's so cheesy--but think about it... it's so true! Each day we have the opportunity to change what may have not been our greatest moment just yesterday. We serve a God of renewal, a God of second chances. And I'm so blessed to be able to really grasp this tonight. 

What can we do tomorrow to change our circumstance today? What can I do to make a difference, and to make an impact on our world-- for the good?

Let's start by treating each day like the gift it is.  



Mitchell KennedyComment