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How amazing has this January been? This time last year we had prayed over our goal of raising $10,000 for our partnered non-profits in 2014 and coming into 2015 we just surpassed that goal- and we're absolutely in awe. Kicking off 2015 our new goal is partnering up with an amazing family and organization in Tanzania, Africa. We are raising money to purchase land to grow trees where bee hives can be placed and maintained. This will help gain sustainable income, source of food, and pollination of the crops for the village.


In the past 7 years we've have yet to experience a January this busy - and it is truly so humbling. We have had the amazing opportunities of traveling around the country to our Live Tee printing events, and have had a blast at the events here locally in Albuquerque, NM. 

In Summer 2014 we started offering a new service called Live Tee Printing where we come out to live events and screen print on site at your event. It's a ton of fun and we're absolutely in awe of all the experiences we have had. 

At this moment we are at Southwestern Assemblies of God printing tees on site:



We can't wait for what 2015 has in store, we are so grateful. 

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