Press & Heart

Type of prints

Here are the printing Services we provide 

1. Plastisol-  

We understand that people want soft prints, bright prints, and quality prints. When you are passionate about something you do it is created a little bit better than everyone else. We use a proprietary method to soften the standard inks (plastisol), increase smoothness and highlight brightness of a design. 


2. Waterbased

If you are looking for a print that is as soft as the shirt you are wearing this is the ink for you. This ink will not be as bright, but if you are looking for something that is soft, vintage, and fashionably cool - this is our recommendation. 


3. Foil-

We offer foil in various colors and patterns -  We love foiling t-shirts, whether it be live at an event, or in the comfort of the shop, these type of prints truly offer the flexibility to be wildly creative. Check out a few of our examples HERE


If you are interested in finding out more about our services or would like an estimate on your project, please call (505) 948-3612 or email

For all design needs, whether it is for your firm, band, or church please take a look at our design page. You can also reach our design team direct at (505) 948-3612.